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Official Raving Thread.

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The most desirable club in central london according to my point of view >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g

if ur still raving past age of 21, ur gassed.


nar don't put anything else apart from the spliffs in your tracksuit pocketeverything else in jeans normaltruss they won't break or nothini've ran from police, pikeys and tamils, even held licks from my dad back in the day with a spliff in my 'undernath' pocket
lol kl, ye i dont fink they woul get felt if its jus the spliffs, and u got other sh*t in your normal pockets to throw it off.tbh i DOUBT they check fag decks, and doubt even more so they would find an 1/8s you have ballsed or sumin....but better safe than sorry i guess.
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lol @ the conversation i jus had on the phone...guy_A: "bruv av u got any sniff, or no anyone who can hook me up"me: "not now. what you on tonite, cum raving init, fabric..."guy_A: "ahr but that places is full of druggies man".......i think sum ppl are missing brains still.

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for girls just slip it in ur bra, espesh if its padded you'll get away with it
Haha.. uno! Zoots...dem little bottles of vodka...baileys ahaha! My bredrin is the best for this tho... with the size of her breast we hid 8 little bottles of vodka in there.... no-one clocked.
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I'm going Departure lounge 2moro night. Dnt really want to cos i been there b4, but im forced to go.
Your tellin me! f*ckin sahara up in there.
And mind for the female bouncer and her frisky hands!
LOL i kno who ur on about. Why the hell do they take soo long to get people in?
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