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Classic WWF (Yes F) Moments.


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I don't get how it will go.CM Punk, Batista and Ortan........... they all want the top belt, so I think it wont go.If one was a main man like, batista, kofi and some next mid carder (not them exactly but you get my point) then it would make more sence.

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Yeah I got it wrong it won't be Batista, Orton and Punk. Remember when Orton said to Batista about getting the band back together? That seems to have been the bait, now with Punk winning the title to shock Batista and with him getting a shot, theres a good chance of it all starting up. Orton can do the mic work while injured with Batista doing wrestling, and over time Cody and DiBiase JR get added. Fueding with CM Punk.We'll see how it all goes.

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