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Fighting Weight

Surely not?

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PMSL at that advert

keen has to make monthly trips to india to discuss the team innit and misses training sessions because of this smh

imagine alex ferguson going america every month to report to the glazers

blackburn to go down next season

would of placed a bet but dont bet now

whole thing is a joke but good way to make money for the owners so props to them


indians >>>

ur jus a worker in a foootball kit now michel

jkus like bhopunder on the factory floor


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in related news


http://pitchero.com/clubs/fooballclubblackburn/news/football-club-blackburn-manife-346454.html - their manifesto, taken straight from ours,

hope they can get it off the ground and build something special there, hope they also realise how tough it'll be and dont make the same silly mistakes Afc Liverpool made/make

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"Boss, you know when you said you want us on the wing...?"

at last, the real reason they got rid of big sam, he would have scoffed the lot


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