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Don Crack

What is the best website that nobody knows about?

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http://www.slightlywarped.com/  great for historical pics


aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk         truth media


http://tomboy-pink.co.uk/tbpblog/  truth media


http://outlawjimmy.com/  truth media


http://ukpaedos-exposed.com/  great for exsposing sex offenders in all areas of uk good to have if you have children young reletives and so on


anything on white rabbit trust uk on youtube also for the hidden truth on law and knowing your true(hidden)rights

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Shittest troll

f*ck off


he's jus copying popular freds on reddit


not really a bad thing tho




This is why I stopped contributing to this forum.


People make decent topics then the forum 'jocks' Lewis, fresh, John Doe, Afroman and Ripster try and shut down the topic with a sweeping statement. 

Or you get 90210 or Chaps going sdfs sdfaasdf dfssdfd or kl

I have learnt to tie my own shoe laces and want none

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