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Shawn Porter vs Kell Brook

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Porter v Brook: it's too big a step up for the Sheffield star, fears Jim WattJim Watt sees this as the hardest fight of Brook's career




Shawn Porter and Kell Brook: will get it on in the early hours of the Sunday morning.


Quite simply this is a real close match-up, but the edge is in favour of Shawn Porter because he is at home, the world champion and is on a roll after two impressive wins.

  • August 17, 2014 2:00am
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Kell has waited for two years to get this shot, so let's hope it takes him to a new level - because I think he needs to find that to pull this off.

If we are honest, Kell has gone through his career beating people he is better than. That's a tribute to just how good he is but have we ever seen him going into the ring when we thought it could go either way?

He has always been considered to be better than the other guy and on all 32 occasions, has proved that he is. On top of that, whenever we have thought the other guy was going to give him a real problem, he was never been given the chance to, Kell was just too good.


But this to me is one of those that could go either way, it really could.

There is a lot against him going into this but he can do this, he is certainly good enough to win that world title. His technique, his speed, his precision and his combinations are, for a start, probably the best Porter has come up against in his career.

Of course I want Kell to win, I really do, and maybe I am being too cautious but I am a little concerned that there is more to the champion’s game than we've seen. Kell has a lot to contend with, even before the bell sounds.

This is a change in opponent for Kell, really, because when he moved up to the mandatory, Devon Alexander was the champion - an awkward southpaw, a clever boxer, who can give people all sorts of problems.

That could've been really tricky for him but Porter beating Alexander and becoming the champion has me wondering if this suits Kell better. Porter is a different proposition; he has a simpler style but he is a real hard man.



He also has a very good amateur pedigree as well, so don't think for a minute he is just a slugger. That suggests to me that he is going to be tougher to beat than Alexander. He is a thinking fighter who goes at a slower pace because of it and that would suit Kell. He is a smooth, slick fighter himself with great ability, so Porter knows he has to get on him as soon as he can and as hard as he can.


"Brook is quick enough and fast enough to win this in his usual way but while some people are saying the champion might be overrated, I would rather give him credit." 
Jim Watt



Thanks to that first fight with Carson Jones, Brook knows he has got the bottle to dig deep if he has to. But he will do all he can to avoid doing that again, so he will not stand there and trade with Porter. His ability is second to none and we will see him trying to out-box this guy from the outside.


The trouble is when contrasting styles collide you have to somehow establish your style. Brook won't impose himself physically, but he has to make it his kind of fight, find space, some distance between them and a bit of time. I'd spend the first 30 seconds or so of each round making him miss and not worry about landing those counters early on - he needs to frustrate him first, then bring those shots into play.

The pressure is on Porter, though. He is fighting at home and although he might get the decision because of that, he is the one who has to impress. For Kell, any win will do and any quiet rounds when he is frustrating him and not getting involved, will not bother him, early on at least.


Kell has to do it from distance for as long as he can because that will frustrate Porter and take his energy away. If Porter does get close, Kell needs to tie him up, rather than try and take him on inside. We have not really seen Kell have to do this when he is at his best because even against Jones, he just ran out of steam having completely dominated him for the first half.


Brook is quick enough and fast enough to win this in his usual way but while some people are saying the champion might be overrated, I would rather give him credit. He's not very tall but he has made that work in his favour and the one thing I noticed when he blew Paulie Malignaggi away, there were plenty of times when Paulie looked like he felt he was out of range - but wasn't.

That is one thing that is bothering me because I have no doubt about Kell Brook's ability. He can do it but Porter is my slight favourite. I can see it going the distance and these two really could produce something special. I just hope Kell can prove me wrong.


Watch Kell Brook take on Shawn Porter, one of three world titles you can see live. Coverage begins at 2am on Sky Sports 1 on August 17. 



Porter v Brook - Tale of the Tape





should be a big fight

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shawn porter is so sloppy


i had him as clear winner but been watching a few of his fights n tekkers wise brook is better


but porter probs too athletic for him, sick fight neway but fuck both these niggas, thurman n mikey garcia >>

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Get the live stream, results, and full fight coverage here for Showtime Boxing Porter vs Brook. Showtime Boxing, featuring Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook, is live on Showtime this Saturday, August 16. Sportsbun has full fight coverage right here.


safe for dat china man!

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Kell will win this by stoppage.


Porter has a knack for being cut badly. Beating Alexander and a shopworn Malignaggi doesn't put him levels above Kell regardless of who Kells fought either

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if brooks counter punching is good he'll have plenty opportunities to give porter the one bang

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brook was defo the better boxer, used porters style against him

porter gotta be one of the most unpolished guys about stil

does not protect himself at all when he rushes in to throw them windmills,

just trys to bulldoze guys and when matched with someone who can throw and match his athletic ability

well u see innit

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amir khan vs brook will be good stufff


kell was lucky tonight i did not have him winning the fight


lucky uno, u must be blind


brook should make khan wait


no point cashing in on his new position straight away


thurman would wax him though so maybe kahn is the best option

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Was gna say swer one british boxer got kneecapped abroad not too long ago

S peak

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Crazy, he's over there with his pregnant wife.


Needs to upgrade to be honest, World champion going on a 'cheeky' all inclusive to Tenerife nah mek it.

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On Wednesday of last week, the Brook family went out for a meal in Golf del Sur, where they had been staying, before their scheduled flight home the next day.

‘We went for a nice meal as we had every night and then had a walk,’ Brook says. ‘We stopped at an Irish bar that was showing football. We sat there and I had a few drinks.

‘This couple came up to us, they were about 60-odd and we got talking, having a laugh. I was telling them stories about old man Brendan Ingle (a legendary Sheffield trainer). It was getting late. Lindsey was tired and we decided she should go back. I went outside and put them in a taxi and I went back in. It was about 10.30ish.

‘I carried on with this couple. They said, “We are going across the road. Do you want to come?” I said why not? Quite a few English people were there and they recognised me — wanting photos. It was a good night.


The manager of the bar invited me to a party at her place with her partner and another guy. Nothing over the top, the bars had shut and we had a few more drinks. I guess she maybe thought I’d won a world title and wanted to show me off.


Brook is not certain on timings, though it is believed to have been about 2am. He says he was ‘drunk but not hammered’ and having his first late night in more than four months. ‘I’m not usually a drinker,’ he adds.

‘In the bar manager’s apartment is where the guy was. That’s when I first saw him. (After a while) the girl and her partner said they had work in the morning, time to go. This kid was left there.

‘He said let’s go for a drink at his apartment. I was just going with it. I knew I would feel rough but I was coming back home (the next day) and going straight into training for the next fight. Blow out, as they say. I am not too used to drinking.’

It is understood that Brook and his alleged assailant, whose identity is known to Sportsmail, walked a short distance to a nearby property. ‘I got to his place, had a few more drinks, and got into a general chat about things. Tourism, cars, boats. Then suddenly the mood switched. This guy started going on about street fighting. The mood changed.

‘(He was saying) a boxer can’t compete with a street fighter. I went from being comfortable to it switching without reason. This place, in his apartment, the kitchen and living room is close together. Everything is just a hand away from you. He was in the kitchen and I was in the living room. Without warning or caution, one swipe.’

Brook describes the weapon as ‘like a machete’ and indicates with his hands that the blade was about a foot long. He believes he was there ‘maybe less than an hour’ and insists there was no retaliation, just a panicked attempt to escape.

‘I was a victim of an unprovoked attack,’ says Brook. ‘Without warning, I was getting (hit with a) machete by this guy to my leg.

‘The next minute I was trying to find my feet but my leg wasn’t working. There was so much blood spurting out and it was a tile floor. I lost my balance and fell. I remember scrambling about, trying to get out. I was just thinking I need to get out. I could see death.

‘This guy was stood over me, shouting and swearing. I am trying to scramble away. I was thinking about my daughter, that I need to get away. I was covered in blood, panicking, feeling so drained and weak from the loss of blood. I feared for my life.’





Story is just strange. How can you meet a random guy on holiday and go back to his flat? Madness

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