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  1. Best summer weather for a long ass time. Trying to ignore the few gripes i have and just enjoy it. Too many years of having a week of sun in May and getting gassed for the rest of the season only to be disappointed.
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  2. never occurred to him that his time might be worth something too
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  3. absolute fuckry this shit is getting out of control Where is his father? Just seeing his mother grinning like a cheshire cat next to him who should be locked up for this obvious case of neglect, talking about the school wont allow it because it is multicultural fuck off bitch, he is probably this way because one of the men on your conveyor belt of boyfriends touched him. No doubt within in the next ten years he will be selling boy p*ssy. I was just about to make a sandwich but this has turned my stomach.
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  4. Feel for anyone that's been taking Central line
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  5. ? Jumping on the train in this weather is a complete myth
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  7. Rah Kellz is really broke cos he can't read and got shegged in his contracts? Literacy and numeracy are vital man.
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  8. Should have played for turkey i got no sympathy for him turks are still europes #1 enemy in the eyes of many
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  9. Where did all the bullies go?
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  10. This is the only thing bothering me about it tbh My room bedroom is like a sauna in this heat, even with the window wide open.
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  11. Feel like im holiday everyday Got the week off?
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  12. Cant stand heat in this country. Cant even sleep.
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  13. This summer in terms of weather>>> Actually forgotten the last time I wore a jacket out
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  14. ?dude why is this even in the Harvey Weinstein thread?
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  15. Champions league run, pl TV deal and coutinho money
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  16. I hate them, but United will always be there or there abouts. Too big of a club, with too much financial muscle.
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  17. Let the Mourinho third season commence...
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  18. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt6468322/?ref=m_nv_sr_1 This is sooooo good, on Netflix. Just started watching today, on ep.3 now
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  19. Can't sleep with ac End up always chokin in the night and or gettin a cold shortly after. I actually think AC is too cold in the majority of places I've experienced it. In Miami it felt like an excuse for jacket fashions
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  20. Swear they're just taking the piss now. How are they mugging everyone off to buy stuff like this...or am I just getting old?
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  21. Puma x Roland: 808 sneakers
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