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  1. Where you getting this 4k a pound figure? It's a legal flooded market now so prices have plummeted. Lots of big investors bring cost price right down. More like 1.5 to 2k a pound
  2. The stuff they send from US to UK is mostly contaminated with PGR and pesticides and fails their lab tests and can't be sold in dispensaries. Lol at paying more than 230 for an OZ, some of that cali goes for 7-800 an ounce. Cannabis 100% can cause psychosis, seen it happen personally especially if the person smoking is a teenager who's brain is yet to fully develop. The media have it all wrong though with their skunk propaganda. Anyone doubting that weed can cause psychotic problems come and try a few strong edibles and see if you don't have a panic attack lol.
  3. I would get a Volvo. They are meant to be the safest cars on the road
  4. zoot

    Doin' Acid

    East is the bummiest side of London for sure Still don't understand why people have to use acid in a petty robbery, ruins someones face for a couple of bills each
  5. zoot


    Series 3 was sick. Bit disappointed with the ending though
  6. zoot

    The Gym Topic

    Wouldn't get worried about numbers, it's more about how you look and feel what's your weight / height ?
  7. zoot


    It's not legal in Spain, just tolerated. Never had a problem getting any in Ibiza, never great quality though Can't imagine myself going back to Ibiza now, rinsed it already.. is there anything new out there ?
  8. zoot


    Fuck these black cabbies they make too much money any way.. what skill is there in driving around the city to warrant earning over 60k a year
  9. zoot

    Vegan Gang

    Just got back from Spain was very difficult to stick to it but done what I could, didn't eat any meat at all just fish, seafood and a bit of dairy
  10. zoot

    Vegan Gang

    Anyone tried the vegan mince from tesco? made from soya Made a lovely bolognese with it tonight
  11. What did Sloth do ? Guys a complete meme, his radio shows / fitb commentary is hard to listen to
  12. Wazza is going to get Kobe'd for sure But he deserves it for his own stupidity
  13. No excuse for Bale not learning English by now. Should go back to the prem
  14. zoot

    Vegan Gang

    Oreos have milk in them
  15. Sick game to kick off the season, glad footballs back
  16. zoot

    Vegan Gang

    Link to doc https://fmovies.is/film/what-the-health.llomz Also on netflix Not eaten any meat/dairy in 2 weeks or so. Mainly trying it to help with skin issues but it seems to have just made it worse initially But much better digestion and feel much lighter. Meat just lingers in your stomach and makes you bloated. Where as eating more fiborous foods feels much better on the gut. I also have to drink about 3x as much water than I usually do because all the extra fibre. Also need to eat much bigger portion sizes when you're not eating any meat because the bulk of my calories would
  17. Would be sick if Real can buy Neymar once he realises he won't win CL with dusty PSG
  18. Good, 198m is ridiculous and just further fucking up the market 120m at the very most IMO
  19. I've not eaten any meat or dairy since watching. Almost a week in now and been getting pounding headaches Been thinking about going vegan/vegetarian for a while. When you look at supermarket chicken it does not look natural at all, watching that documentary sealed the deal for me.
  20. Neymar or PSG will not be creating any history Huge backwards move. You think Neymar will be winning any ballon d'ors at PSG lol Ney should of just been patient and waited his turn to take over Messi's role at Barca he's only 25
  21. Very interesting documentary on the dangers of eating an animal based diet called 'What the health' Eye opening. I recommend everyone watch it https://fmovies.is/film/what-the-health.llomz/jz237n Also on netflix
  22. What does Stormzy have to do with Monsanto?
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