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Louisa Marks

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Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark was voted top female reggae vocalist of 1978 ahead of Marcia Griffith. Her sweet vocal style and updated rock steady rhythms have made her a Queen of Lovers Rock.The fledgling singer cut her first record at the age of 15 for sound system operator Lloyd Coxone, 'Caught you in a lie', proved a huge hit amongst the reggae-listening audience, a heartfelt cry of misplaced trust, then followed by another monster success entitled 'All My Loving'. Despite popularity, Louisa quit recording for over 18 months because of contractual desputes.She was then linked up with house producer and A&R manager for Trojan Records Clem Bushay, veteran of the UK reggae scene, cutting her next hit 'Keep it Like This'. Again the song was well received but poor promotion proved disillusioning and despite the terms of her one year contract she declined to record further.Once free from Trojan, Louisa Mark music began to take off. Her rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Even Though You're Gone' was released on the Bushays label and sold well. She followed this up with 6, Six Street penned by Joe Charles, Clem Bushay and The In Crowd, which hit the number one spot in its first week of release.Louisa died of poisoning on Saturday 17th October 2009 in the Gambia where she was living at the time.

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