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Skream - Outside The Box (Limited Edition 2CD) + Freeizm's Vol 1-3

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firstly here are links to the 3 freeizms...


1. Skream – Pitfall

2. Skream – Minimoool

3. Robert S – Show Me Love (Skreamix)

4. The Dead Weather – Cut Like A Buffalo (Skreamix)

Skream presents Freeizm Vol.1


1. Skream – Dark Light

2. Skream – Arola

3. Skream – Disturbin Toyz

4. Skream – Sine-Us

5. Loafah – Indian Dub (Skreamix)

Skream presents Freeizm Vol.2


1. Skream - Behind the Curtain

2. Skream - Meta-Lick

3. Skream - Rollin

4. Skream - Metal Mouth

5. Skream - Pick Ya Knees Up

6. Geeneus - Now is the Time (Skream Remix)

7. Geiom - Reminissin (Skream Remix)

8. Skream - Let's Go f*ck*ng Mental

9. Dr.Blue and The Time Travellers - Dr.Who Dub - Skreamix

Skream presents Freeizm Vol.3

more importantly you can now purchase the album. the cheapest ive seen is at play.com for £8.95, comes with a BONUS skreamizm CD:


Skream - Outside The Box (Limited Edition 2CD)


1. Perferated

2. 8 Bit Baby (feat. Murs)

3. CPU

4. Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank)

5. How Real (feat. Freckles)

6. Fields Of Emotion

7. I Love The Way

8. Listenin' To The Records On My Wall

9. Wibbler

10. Metamorphosis

11. Finally (feat. La Roux)

12. Reflections (feat. dBridge & Instra:mental)

13. A Song For Lenny

14. The Epic Last Song


1. Give You Everything Feat. Freckles

2. Do U Know

3. Amity Step

4. Organic

5. Stand Up

6. WTF

out of all those tunes there must be at least an albums worth of music you like, so do your bit to get skream what he deserves and support good UK music. :)

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if you listen to skream at all (or any dubstep for that matter) you should just fork out and pay for this really. after all the free tracks he has given out and all he has done for music in general this is the time where you can show some gratitude so that he carries on and goes further. sure its easy to download a bootlegged copy but after all them free tunes it just feels like your leaching off the guy :lol:

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too lazy to download tbh was expecting youtube links

theres about 40 tracks here, would take about 3 pages of posts to show you all the youtube links. just search up the tracks on youtube, wont take that long.

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Was expecting better, only really like 5 tracks

there are a few tracks on the album that im a bit iffy about, but the bonus cd and all the freeizms make up for that and then some.

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lol @ this being in main.

why not, skream is on that level in 2010.

now if i posted the return II space LP here then that would be pushin it. :lol:


edit: its actually true

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Bought it from HMV yesterday, its only £8.99 guys, and the album is solid, money very well spent.

go out and support

my favourite has still got to be track 4.

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id say about 60-70% of the tunes on the album itself im feeling...

as for the bonus disc almost every track on there is sick, which makes up for the album tracks im not feelin anyways. well worth the purchase.

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