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Bro tbh you’re sounding more suspect than Skepta right now 

MBE is for a selected few but Amber Rose is for everyone.

guy loks kinda buff in his polo neck and trousers   look at the ass, calm

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old skepta was shothe exact point of downfall was this bar:"Ladies.. if ur single, then mingle, if hes buff...." etc.Thats when he flopped completley.Don't even spit the old bars no more. JME n them make Pop-Grime now anyway, for the kids and the gash and the countryside. I respect that tho cause they're pushing out a good message and pushing grime too, although it ain't grime as we know it.

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old skepta >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dirk kuyt>>>>>>>>rwd forum>>>>>random bedroom grime mc from essex>>>>>new skepta tbh
allow bringing Lengman Dirk into thisnew skepta is some jafaicanhaven't got time for himthe 'skid around the corner like yoshi and toad' skepta was top 5
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