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Best Outkast Album

Favourite Outkast Album  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite Outkast album?

    • Aquemini
    • ATLiens
    • Other

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ATLiens for me there's no track i would skip


whereas with Aquemini i always skip Mamacita


but aint many albums touching the highs of Aquemini

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It's him and I, 



Andre playing the kalimba on Hold On, Be Strong, those harmonies, I'm in another zone already...so, so soothing. BUT--


It is the Return Of The Gangsta, thanks ta everyone who forgot Andre 3000 is truly about it - not too many "intros" or first statements have ever hit harder for me, and you can hear 3000's frustration in the flow ... gaaaaangsteeeerr ... Big Boi comes in on his relaxed vibe but let's you know this will not be a joke, one of my favourite bars from Big here too. And that snare :mad:



Man, first they was some pimps

Then they was some aliens

Then they be talking about that black righteousness

f*ck them

I ain’t f*cking with them no more man


I think Andre wrote this skit, funny sh*t, mandem aren't happy atorrr :lol: I love the way they incorporate these skits though, gives me a proper Southern feel, just adds a new dimension for listening


Rosa Parks is my favourite OutKast song, sh*t is  :o  every time I listen to it. Big Boi just calmly destroys it first but Andre BLACKED OUT on his verse - multis, entendres, flow, imagery, this sh*t is so technical but done so flawlessly, rapping at its peak. Everything is quotable. Funk, harmonicas, marching bands, grooves, funk. And to think this was a single back in the day, LOL.






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ATLiens was sick but I really like Southernplayalistic. Tunes like Funky ride and ting. Jeeeeeez.

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