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Playstation Classic - December 3rd


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Looking at the all time best selling PS1 games list and the playstation platinum games list and taking into account cult classics and excluding some cross platform franchise games like the Fifa games(Would love it if Fifa Road to World Cup 98 was on this) that we didn't see on the snes mini I'm predicting that some of these games could make the final 20:

Gran Turismo(Best sellling PS1 game)

Metal Gear Solid(I remember my older brother got a Japanese copy of this before it came out over here)

Crash Bandicoot/Rayman/Spyro(I'm  thinking at least 2 or all 3 will make the cut)

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee(personally I never really got into this game but it's popular and will probably make the cut)

International Track & Field(can't bring out a PS1 classic without this legendary game)

A survival horror game(The Resident Evil 2 remake is coming to PS4 next year so I'm thinking maybe Resident Evil 1 and/or Silent Hill will be on this)

PaRappa The Rapper

Wipeout(launch title and a classic but I'm thinking with Ridge Racer Type 4 confirmed and GT being a no brainer would they have 3 racing games on this)

One of the Tomb Raider games

Tenchu Stealth Assassin 1 or 2(This needs to be on there)

Die Hard Trilogy(Classic game that I forgot about until I looked at these lists. Another game that needs to be on there but might not make the cut)

Bust-A-Move 2(in attempt to make the selection well rounded I could see this classic puzzle game making the cut)





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This made me install OpenEMU on the iMac, gonna cop a pad and im good to go ?

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