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ASOS are going hard. Still wondering whether to pull the trigger on the Penfield Kasson from another site (half price).gonna look to also pick up a 40" Bravia. Got my eye on one that has dropped nicely already. Hopefully Zaavi has some decent cheap sh*t too.

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I need to hit Next on Oxford Street. Kamikaze I know but I neeeeed that jumper and Romford ain't got it.Gonna be like the Superbowl the way I'm gonna be knocking people out the way!
NEXT?better wear a suit of armour then. Its never a joke in there, lol
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lol at cartier garms. oh rez mate u want a game of pro?im goin zara cop a suit or just a waistcoat n couple topslookin at 1 leather firetrap jacket it was 350 lets see if it went down same for 1 cp company jacketgonna cop sum y3 crep that are wearable for goin out. couple era hatsn might touch ikea for 1 storage unit also need to get xmas prezzies

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