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Arab Muzik

Flirta D is my fave Grime MC but tell me these comments ain't true

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pr3datorz (1 year ago) ye das tru he got bangd by mill hill boys all the time in norf westi kno heds who banged him aswel shervin and dem kapansa (1 year ago) Yh manz live in harrow n i herd dat but didnt belive it raidak42 (1 year ago) flirta got put in the bin in bedford glimpz2007 (1 year ago) wtf, LOL, WE FUKIN CAUGHT HIM SLIPPIN, IN FUKIN HARROW, HE WAS SOO SHOOK RUNIN AWAY LIKE A PRICK SmokeyB3atz (1 year ago) why u lyin' man about flirta d slippin in your endz glimpz2007 (1 year ago) flirta d, p*ssy, my guys caught him slippin SmokeyB3atz (1 year ago) I believe you since you said Harrow, he is all ways slippin in Norf Weezie.I seen him slippin in Harlesden

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