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Guest Parrist 2.0

The VIP2 Lowdown Part 1

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Guest Parrist 2.0



Trim style

Lemme give you the lowdown.

I went jail and I stood my ground.

Saw things in there that would make Mike Kanes pants turn brown..and even make Lewis frown. Swear down.

I was the bully, never got parred. Nah, Parrist 2.0 never got parred.

If Venom saw what I saw he would be scarred.

Dont ever think that these are just bars.

I’m real, I do this. Hide guns under my bath.

Apparently Radios mum still gives him a bath. Scrubs his back real hard...no joke no laughs.

He says it hurts...she don’t give a rarse

Neither do I, I say give him more pain.

Esquilax could probably beat up Kane

Bishma is actually Banes real name

And mrkeirnan has aids..

Plus Chlamydia and coldsores

I heard EASE f*cks horses at late nights in the cold stalls

She’s a Scottish slag, loves black sacks and got impregnated by a black lad

And hold tight the midgets...Brisco, Black Ant.

Ego, Eric and I.B.Blackman.

If I aint said your name theres still part two to part ten.

P.S. f*ck the faggots thats Carpe, Venom and dont forget Raikonnen.


If you was expecting exposure, shame.

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lmao, should of put the instrumental in the opening post

read it in trims voice n flow


Omg so did I?


*waits for re-up on neg quota*

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