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Players to watch in 2018

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When I saw Coventry beat Stoke I checked the lineup to see if Jodi Jones was playing.

He wasn't, just found out he did his cruciate, season done, ffs.

But I seen him do a few bits last season and I fancy him to go higher.

What you reckon?


Who you think can go higher?

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Dad wants big money/top job from the FA

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13 minutes ago, O Fenomeno said:

He looked good in patches against Bayern last night but has to develop a brain.


His next move is vital he can’t go to an elite team and waste time on bench.


Uncle why hasn’t he been capped for Jamaica?

He can’t play for Belgium or Germany or even Slovakia.

He said he don't wanna commit to Jamaica until they sort out the Federation/selection process.


I rate Anderson Talisca highly though.

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Ryan Christie



22, at Celtic but been on loan at Aberdeen for the last couple of seasons.

Only made his 1st Scotland appearance in Nov, Scotland would actually have a decent side if they used their pool properly.

But very tekked out silky midfielder, left footed by can use either, capable of playing in Prem now imo.


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You man know about Karamoko Dembele?

15 in February, probably gonna make his debut for Celtic in the next 18 months.

He's way too good for his age group though to the point it's embarrassing.

Even giving Barca youth the run around in some of his vids.

Looks special.

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Transfer thread ^


Not a fan of young players, need to see someones mentality over a few seasons 

but Sancho now a starter for Dortmund so defo worth wathing him this year

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