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Halo: Reach Thread

Francis Coquelin

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Right then I've got it. I'm half way through it on legendary and it is stupidly good. And bloody hard. Every time you get to a level of difficulty that would be the limit for previous halo games, this game laughs at you and throws up scenarios that you wonder why they didn't use them before. Invisible f*ck*ng elite while I'm dealing with hunters >>>>>>>>>

The hunters are finally as difficult as they should be. ODST hinted at how difficult to kill they should be but this game absolutely took it to a next level. They're just ferocious, and when you kill one the other goes nuts, firing the fuel rod cannon more violently. You can actually feel that he is pissed. And my god there's so many of em. Rarely will there be the correct weapon close at hand to deal with them making them more fun to verse than any other enemy in halo history.

The A.I is quite simply the best A.I in a FPS ever. Enemies will evade, flank and/or double up/ triple up to get you. And get you they will.

And don't think going backwards to replenish your health will help you. The enemy know your shields are low, they will hunt you down.

The A.I is aggressive in ways no other game has matched and they only get more brazen the more of them there are. I f*ck*ng love it.

Halfway in and I haven't seen a sniff of the jetpack yet but honestly, this is the best FPS I've ever played already, and while I'm one of those people that's really into the whole halo story it's not that that's made me think this game is so epic. It's the things that I've been going on about. The game is literally made great by how smart the A.I is and the level of difficulty as the game progresses.

Again this is the greatest FPS vie ever played and I haven't even experienced it fully yet.

Did ODST disappoint? Hell yes. But when you get into Halo Reach you realise that any expectations you have about it just cannot match the level that bungie have achieved with this game. Because your never going to believe that what they've actually achieved can be attained. They went in, and tomorrow (I've been playing since 9pm last night hehehe) you will understand that you won't be needing another FPS title for the forseeable future.

Bungie are back on top.

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2100 points in store are usually £17.50 so that's £45.50 for game and points.

Decent except the tescos that are open 24 hours don't sell electricals at night so you would have to wait til Tuesdays day staff to get in. So I'm told

Anyone know what asda is saying?

Depends on the store, GTA4 and MW2 I got at midnight from my tescos

Dunno if they will do it for Halo

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