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I just killed it.. ffs

Academica v Porto

Next Team To Score - Academica

stake £50.50 (kept £10 on the side)

returns was something like £191

.. Porto just scored

wtf was i thinking .. tried to rush it and win big lol

back to square 1

attempt 2 bet 1

£10 double

aston villa win v birmingham

atletico madrid win v almeria

potential return £27.60

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Attempt 2 Bet 1

£2.37 on Rangers/Tott/Utd returned £23.47

Attempt 2 Bet 2

£24 on Utd returns £33

Attempt 2 Bet 3

£30 on PSV, Ajax and Feyonoord = £60


Attempt 2 Bet 4

£50 on Benfica and Bayern = £78


£60 on Barce and Porto = £108

@ Serpent it's a bit of a superstisious(sp?) thing now I'm scared to say before I played.

No need to lie mate :)


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