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Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

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Want a new barber, moving up in the world and what not etc.


Any professional barbers in London who specialise in black hair? Or even a white barbers with a black man chair?


It's not snobbery but my ends barber lacks consistency especially on a busy day etc. + ultimately paying for a £6 trim will give you a £6 trim at the end of the day.


Ideas are welcomed and appreciated.


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pmsl u man are funny



guys got a decent job so has to start goin to a fancy barbers?



is this life?

i was coming in to say this after reading my mans cringey post 


about moving up in the world so u need a new barber what a wasteman


he even said a 'white mans barbers with a black mans chair' 


what are these words 

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how can you say such words mr planet?


you are willing to go to ANOTHER race to get your haircut?


black people seriously have no cohesion when it comes to WORK ETHICS/BUSINESSES


black people always want to go elsewhere to ask for help instead of getting band of brothers like how the jews/asians/turks etc do and build the building blocks from there

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