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Justin Bieber Arrested

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He has admitted saying racist things when he was younger, never elaborated how young so it could be a year ago to his youth.




I don't want criminals to have guns, no one is innocent if they use a gun to kill someone. 


With regards to the Tottenham guy, the police will end up killing more people due to them being registered with having a gun, as they'll be deemed as high risk. This will lead to even more american police style shoot to kill first, ask questions later.


Look at the countless of school shootings in the states, when people get their guns from their parents.


I remember a robber tried to rob LL Cool Js yard.




Key words.......he stopped to let the authorities deal with the robber.


Get hench, learn martial arts, live life!

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i always cringe ,laugh and die a little inside when i hear someone was born in the 90s   90s where the best the mites didnt even experience it..noughties is their generation how sads that ?   thes

Man like Tone were waiting for their O-level results that summer

Didnt carry the extra di Smh fail Lucky this is just di mock

Can you post Nigel Farage admitting that as never heard of that before


The media in the States try brainwash the public that guns should be taken off the people but look over here were kids stab each other, what you going to do about that?


If criminals want a gan they will go out and get one regardless of the law


In the US the crime rates are lower in the states were they allowed to have ganz as people aint fuckin about with next people when you know they could be armed

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