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man said no deev to them basic tekkers

some weird autistic thread 

Scoped one ting I've been preeing on FB for time. Anyway, hit the like... instant match, looked up to the ceiling like thank you Jesus. These bitches come like Tinder is their afrodisiac.      

Lol, it's not the App.

When you swipe, they'll get you in their list when they open the app and then they'll match so it won't be instant.

Instant ones are when you open the app and the first lot are the ones that have swiped on you and you can match it.

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I am yet to come across an instant match

I thought when I first got the app I would be getting nine matches out of ten swipes

I think my pictures are just not cutting it

But however the little voices in my head are screaming the app is glitchy

My swipes are not gonna through

Due to my profile not being seen and lack of Facebook friends(John Doe deaded that myth because he is getting pure matches without having Facebook friends)

Like I said after it crashed and only three matches out of ten swipes I decided to take the L

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You can use tinder on your pc, through an app (supposedly)


This is app currently has man questioning himself

Is it pictures or the app

Why ony three matches out of ten swipes





It's basically a phone that works on your laptop. Download this, then download Tinder onto it.





Not tried it myself yet.

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Got 116 matches but I'm sure I've swiped atleast 3000 pics since I first got the app

It's minor

Pawch expecting them cr7 goal to match ratios

I feel like a 1 in 5 striker not the a goal a game striker which I thought I would destined to become before I touched down

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