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Dunno if I'm late on this but the search function brought limited results back. Who's using or would use this app?

For those that don't know, Tinder is a dating app where you see pictures of other tinder users in your vicinity and you choose whether or not you are attracted to them or not. If you are (and they choose you too) you arrange to meet them there and then (or within a specified time frame determined by the two of you) and whatever you then do is up to you.


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Scoped one ting I've been preeing on FB for time. Anyway, hit the like... instant match, looked up to the ceiling like thank you Jesus. These bitches come like Tinder is their afrodisiac.      

On one hand it cuts down on the fraff of dating sites on the other one it's also slightly bait.


Especially since most of he people who use these kind of sites and apps more often than not have long term partners or are married. That mixed up with your FB account and potentially seeing people you know while swiping through = Leave it


Though if you are actually single it's effective seen one of my mates use this round Soho in the evening while at a bar.

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A girl I know has been fucking with it.

You basically swipe through a bunch of pics and pos or neg them. The other person never finds out unless they have or will come across your pic and pos it too. At which point the message feature unlocks.

I think it's a good model but the fact you have to link it to your Facebook is leaveee it

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i had a quick look at this after my boy was talking bout it.


i was wary but the the facebook link isnt even bad,


it just uses it to show gender, first name & age, then mutual friends, and likes in common, then you can select 4/5 pics from your profile pics.



doesnt show on your facebook, and it never posts to it.

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Sounds like Badoo


My boy works for these guys, easily the worst site i've ever seen.   I wouldn't even spit on half these 'girls' that are on that site.



Tinder is probably the best app!  Nothing appears on your fb and less chance of fakes (although there are alot of fake americans) 



Tinder is very bait, the amount of girls that i know that i've seen on there.  The joke things is that i thought they still had a man :lol:

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