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Favourite mixtapes/albums of 2013

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Right now hip hop is so sh*t ive had to put OB4CL back on my iphone 


but what were you lots top mixtapes/albums of this year?






IMO 2013 wasnt a great year for hip hop


didnt really like a lot of shit that people have been rating like


Yeezus, Acid rap, Born sinner (decent), my name is my name (decent), OLD, doris, blue chips 2 etc

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Tyler - Wolf

Currency - The stage EP (I know but all tracks were good)

Dark Lo - Life of a crook 2

Off top of the head that weren't mentioned.

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a few others that aint been posted in no particular order








life of a crook 2 dark lo

cassie veggies life changes

currensy new jet city 

future FBG

troy ave new york city

freddie gibbs ESGN

nipsey crenshaw

Dom Get home safely


thats just tapes this year>>>


still got whitechristmas SK tales and Soul tape to land 

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