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Daniel Sturridge World Class?

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  1. 1. Is daniel sturridge world class

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This back and forth about injuries happened 2 years ago in the Dusty Duck/Pato thread and not much has changed


If Pato was dusty what does that make Zaha?  :lmao:



Pato IS dusty. The guy got rejected by QPR ffs and is currently begging for a move to the Prem to save him from his retirement home in Brazil. Zaha is having a good season.


You think one player picking up more injuries than another is simply down to bad luck so we have nothing more to discuss.

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This argument reminds me of that film Any Given Sunday where the doctor okay'd a player to play even though he was clearly injured. Isn't that what that painkilling injection is for so that players can play through the pain? 


From any doctor or club is giving that pain killing injection to a player, you know they don't have the players best health interests at heart, because playing through the sort of pain that would require a shot to suppress it IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED THROUGH.


If you don't let an injury heal the affected area will degrade.

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Did a man say Welbeck didn't get injured like this at United?!

United dons told me from day, he doesn't get injuries but when he does they are long and they are proving right.




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Which Anderson is this?

Can't remember us signing an Anderson for 30 million

Everyone knows why we signed Bebe.

He signed Zaha for the same reason he signed Kagawa and RVP


And what was the reason?



Where is this source for the 30million we spend on Anderson?






Now the deal, in which Bébé's just-appointed agent, Jorge Mendes, was paid €3.6m (£2.89m) from the €9m fee, is subject to a criminal investigation in Portugal by the judicial police's national unit for combating corruption.
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