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Daniel Sturridge World Class?

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  1. 1. Is daniel sturridge world class

    • Yes
    • No

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I think the cold wet damp shit weather has something to do with it. My dad had chronic pain in his arm and was on morphine for years, now he lives in Malaga he barely has any problems with it. A lot of older people leave for hotter countries cos it helps get rid of their arthritis.

who remembers when Sturridge had to get a hip replacement

Reverse Benjamin button

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A fit Sturridge can be anything he wants to be

One of the most annoying sayings in football

Every player has there maximum level and some will never be world class no matter how fit they are e.g Sturridge



Gtfoh, Injuries only thing stopping Sturridge from being world class.



We don't need to argue this, simply watch football, you've got a player who is one of the best finishers in the world, a great dribbler with all the fancy tricks to go with it and you say he can't be world class even if his injury problems are behind him?


I say him being Black and English has something to do with that, or maybe you're not too intelligent in regards to football matters? I don't know but Sturridge quality is to obvious to miss, what a player.

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Since liverpool signed him hes missed more games than hes played


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Why does he walk on to the pitch backwards

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