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Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

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Every sport channel in the world near enough.   You could watch transfer deadline day from 10 different countries and still not see wenger buy anyone.

http://www.tvaddons.ag/tvmc-mac/     This just dropped a couple of days ago, must have for my macbook.   It takes about two minutes to install TVMC for Mac, a custom build of XBMC which include

code for a 1 month exension on sm

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Check out that drioidsticks top10 xmbc wid posted a couple pages back, its number 6/5 or something.


Basically all you gotta do is find the best streams for each channel in the add ons you use then add them to your favs. (in my case the sports channels from p2p streams) then in FTV guide click the channel you want to watch and if its missing (like most of the non freeview ones are) it gives you an option to select the channel from your favourites or an app that it supports directly (ftv, tv catch up, ustvnow)

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Was just looking @ it as well. Might invest in one of these pay to stream sites,


Might bang a month and see how reliable there streams are.


 Free Signup FreeFree registration **This Does not include 247 VIP streams**
 1 day trial $6.00 for one day24 hour(1 Day) of access
 1 month pass $16.00 for 30 daysIncludes 30 days of access
 3 months pass $45.00 for 90 daysIncludes 90 days of access
 1 Year pass $100.00 for 365 daysIncludes 365 days of access

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1 day trial $6.00 for one day

24 hour(1 Day) of access


  1 month pass $16.00 for 30 days
Includes 30 days of access


  3 months pass $45.00 for 90 days
Includes 90 days of access


  1 Year pass $100.00 for 365 days
Includes 365 days of access!

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Watched the Chelsea vs Villa game on Saturday no lag no issues with buffering.


Streamed it through my TV and it was near on as good as Sky Sports.

they are showing SSN on the BT Sport 2 channel


other than that, this is as good as I've ever seen


how long you been using it Thizz?

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Sky/BT Channels and the rest of the world? 


They don't have BT Sport 2, but they have everything else



what device do you lot use ?/


looking to jump on this



I'm using an android box/xbmc, but you can use their site on pc and it's just as clear

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yeah I used my card, but only cause it's the account with nothing in it


first attempt to pay was blocked by my bank, I had to authorise it


turns out the payment was to a company in the US if that's any comfort

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