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Asda offer free eye test for Uruguayans

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Asda are literally d*ckheads


Like everyone in England, we couldn’t believe our eyes when the Uruguayan referee and linesman failed to recognise Frank Lampard’s equalising goal against Germany.

We’re responding by offering all Uruguayans a free eye test to avoid anything like this happeneing again. All you have to do is bring your passport into any Asda opticians. You can find your nearest Optical store here.

First off

my gash Trina can't spell, notice ''happeneing''


Asda are bare simple minded for running this


They should spend more time promoting services to improve the English teams ball retention skills and fitness.

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Neil Clark from London says:

Maybe you should offer free fitness check ups for Rooney or provide free ball retention skills for ALL english people! Extremely racist and unprofessional. Never stepping foot inside an Asda again.

Jul 11, 2010 at 01:38 PM

:lol: :lol:


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no it's not f*ck*ng racist

it's just a stupid generalisation that is only funny when you consider how f*ck*ng lame it is

it seriously would've been more funny if they offered free football coaching for English kids

(and i don't mean just ''white'' english i mean english like if i have kids in england they will be english init)

would've been a good look for Asda+and jokes

English love taking the piss out of themselves anyway

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it is racist, the same way saying "we are offering free anti-terrorist-mindwash training to all middle-easterners" would be racist

(yeah I always bring things to extremes to prove a point)

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