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Game Of Thrones

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Can't lie this show is a bit boring   Pace is so slow, too many dialogue scenes, not enough action scenes.   The part with the dragon was a breath of fresh air, apart from that *yawn*   Good cha

Panto Sansa's tits >>>

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1 hour ago, Greens said:

Trust me, felt wrong seeing her have a sex scene.



Famm, was so strange. I've seen this little girl since 2010/11 when this started.

All this time, I'm thinking what are you doing, 

Ned stark didn't die for this.

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Best bit was at the start when it was nervy as fuck and everyone was shitting it.

Dragons were a let down, why did they keep disappearing for ages, all they had to do was keep doing sweeps across the frontline. 

Jon did fuck all which was disappointing, thought he would of had some kind of epic fight with the NK. Didn't even slay the zombie dragon and instead just ended up screaming at it 🤷‍♂️

Red witch did her thing, and not mad at Arya being the one to end it.

Sam, Brienne, Jamie, Gendry, Pod, Tormund and who ever else should all be dead, they got overwhelmed way too many times.

Where were the crows even going?


Cersei has played a blinder tbf.

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