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The Vip2 Awards

Davicious X

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reh, what did Faze do?

Man was going AT her in the Kim k vs kurious thread




rah, feelings  :rofl:

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As its awards season I thought we should do awards for the VIp2 members.


Its simple; Name an award and a couple of members you wanna nominate for said award and let voting members decide who wins it.



The Vip2 achievement award goes to VicGrimes TF  for his contributions to zorn lol 

 How you gon' disrespect TF like that? :lol:

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you still work as a pub chef local




that has to be necksta? u after 1 of these awards u div? i thought u was a real life person why be odd


its borrowed u plum - i use it to check on an ebay without loggin on


proper dissapointed in u tbh


this forum is full of sick sick people

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