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Premier League TV Rights

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1 Liverpool 97.5

2 Manchester City 96.6

3 Chelsea 94.6

4 Arsenal 92.9

5 Tottenham 89.7

6 Manchester United 89.2

7 Everton 85

8 Newcastle 77.4

9 Southampton 76.9

10 Stoke 75.7

11 Swansea 74.2

12 West Ham 73.7

13 Crystal Palace 73.2

14 Aston Villa 72.7

15 Sunderland 71.7

16 Hull 67

17 West Brom 65.8

18 Norwich 64.6

19 Fulham 63.3

20 Cardiff 62.1



1 Real Madrid 103.74

2 Barcelona 103.74

3 Valencia 35.57

4 Atletico Madrid 31.12

5 Sevilla 23.71

6 Athletic Bilbao 23.71

7 Villarreal 23.71



1 Bayern Munich 27.34

2 Borussia Dortmund 26.31

3 Bayer Leverkusen 24.90

4 Schalke 24.68

5 Borussia Monchengladbach 23.64

6 Hannover 22.75

7 Wolfsburg 22.30

8 Mainz 21.49



1 Juventus 69.66

2 Inter Milan 59.58

3 AC Milan 57.72

4 Roma 45.50

5 Napoli 44.31

6 Lazio 36.90

7 Fiorentina 32.90

8 Torino 26.31

9 Udinese 25.86



1 PSG 33.05

2 Marseille 30.93

3 Lyon 30.27

4 Lille 27.01

5 Bordeaux 23.75

6 St Etienne 23.61

7 Monaco 21.83

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TV Rights announcement should be dropping today,


would be mad if Discovery group get some rights (eurosport)


Would like to see youtube or someone come out of left field tho.

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The difference in Spain to what real & barca earn to the rest is a joke


think they are in the process of restructuring it similar to the premier league.

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Premier League rights currently held:

BSkyB (£2.28bn): 116 matches. Four packages of 26 matches, one of 12. One package includes 20 ‘first picks’.

BT (£738m): 38 matches. One package of 26 matches, one of 12, including 18 ‘first picks’.

Discovery: N/A.

Al Jazeera (beIN Sports): N/A.


Most watched match this season:

BSkyB: Manchester United v Chelsea (3.2m, October 26).

BT: Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (1.7 million, January 1).

Discovery: N/A.

Al Jazeera (beIN Sports): N/A.


Football rights currently held in the UK:

BSkyB: Premier League, Champions League (until 2015-16), League Cup, Football League, Football League Trophy, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Cup, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia, Eredivisie, non-England home nations World Cup and European Championship qualifiers and friendlies

BT: Premier League, Champions League, (from 2015-16), Europa League, FA Cup, Community Shield, Football Conference, Scottish Premiership, Women’s Super League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, Copa Libertadores, Brazilian football, Major League Soccer, A-League, England Under-21 qualifiers and friendlies.

Discovery (through British Eurosport): Africa Cup of Nations, Asian Cup, Women’s World Cup, Women’s European Championship, Under-20 and Under-17 men’s and women’s World Cups.

Al Jazeera (beIN Sports): N/A.


Customers (no like-for-like comparison available):

BSkyB: Sky available 11 million households (no Sky Sports breakdown given)

BT: BT Sport available in 5 million households.

Discovery: British Eurosport available in 11.5 million households.

Al Jazeera: (beIN Sports): N/A.


Most recent annual accounts:

BT: Revenue £18.287bn. Pre-tax profit: £2.312bn.

BSkyB: Revenue £7.632bn. Pre-tax profit: £1.082bn.

Discovery: Revenue £5.535bn. Pre-tax profit: £1.736bn.

Al Jazeera: Unknown.

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Without The Asian market

PL would become Serie A 2.0

No. The aff market is equally as important (not in a financial sense)


Africans go harddddd for prem teams boy.


Coupled by the fact that the league is so competitive

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Estimated upshot: from 2016-17 season, BOTTOM club in PL will get c. £99 million prize money. And top club will get £156 MILLION. Blimey.

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Imagine clubs start scouting Europe properly  and splashing the cash, rather than only buying from each other.


This prem proven myth needs to disappear asap and this league would go clear imo.

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Wasn't there a time when the best always played in Serie A?

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Dunno why I even went down this path :lol:


My point was that the league itself could legit pull away from the rest.


The majority English teams are gonna ignore the Europa league for a long time to come. I know there's the prospect of the winner getting CL football, but I dunno, are teams really gonna push in the EL when you can make so much from a higher place finish in the prem?


Just want to see better footballers but the reality is that the same average guys are gonna command higher wages.

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