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Terrorists attacks police hq in Texas

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Police in Dallas are in an armed stand-off with a gang of gunmen who opened fire on police headquarters in the dead of night after one allegedly accused officers of taking his son.

Automatic weapons blazed out in the Texas city just after midnight after an armored van said to contain multiple attackers rammed a police patrol car, sparking a chase which has ended in a stand-off between the attackers and SWAT Teams.

Police also found at least two pipe bombs planted around the area - one of which exploded when a disposal robot tried to disarm it.

One of the attackers identified himself as James Boulware, of Paris, Texas. Dallas Police chief David Brown said Boulware told officers he blames them for losing custody of his son and that he was going to 'blow us [the police] up' in retaliation.


No police are believed to have been injured, although pictures from the scene show patrol car windshields riddled with bullet holes.

The armoured van is believed to be a 'Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport' sold last month by Georgia-based Jenco Sales Inc.

The suspects rammed the van into a police car, which caused officers to jump from the vehicle with their guns raised, before leading them on a car chase which ended at a fast food parking lot.

Police also found at least two pipe bombs in bags left outside. One exploded as officers attempted to move it with a robot. Bomb disposal experts detonated second one that was found underneath a police van.

A number of police cars joined in the chase resulting in a tense stand-off between the man and officers on the Interstate 45 before the SWAT unit was sent in.

The chase ended at a Jack in the Box parking lot in Hutchins at 12.44am, where more shots were fired between the suspects and officers, and police cars were struck.

The suspects refused to leave the vehicle and so officers set up a barricade.   

SWAT personnel tried negotiating with a suspect who identified himself as James Boulware, who is described as being 5ft 10in and white.


Police Chief David Brown said he has a history of three family violence cases. He was arrested in 2013 after threatening to launch a killing spree against his family, churches and schools.

He said the suspect told police in the standoff they 'took his child' and accused him of being a terrorist, and said he was going to 'blow us (the police) up' in retaliation. He cut off negotiations after his threat. 


Dallas police have blocked off the entrance to the City Hall underground car park.

Dallas Police Major Max Geron said he was not aware of any injuries related to the shooting but added the police had activated the Emergency Operations Centre to coordinate the response.

He said: 'As a precautionary measure, we've taken additional steps to ensure security at all police facilities.'

Residents near the police headquarters have been evacuated as a precaution as specialist teams deal with the explosives




This story is buried, will pos anyone who can post the link to it.

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The suspect 





Police said the suspect told negotiators that police “took his child and accused him of being a terrorist,” and he is now going to blow them up. Police said Boulware has had previous interactions with police, including three family violence incidents.

According to police, four duffel bags were found around the police headquarters after the shooting. One of the bags contained pipe bombs.
Police said the man who identified himself as Boulware drove the armored vehicle to a parking lot in Hutchins, Texas, where he was surrounded by SWAT officers and other police personnel. He was talking to a negotiator on the phone, but police said he broke off those negotiations.
The armored van was possibly purchased from Georgia on June 1 via Ebay.



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