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Winter Transfer Window


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Good to see lennon getting a move to a better club.

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FM legend

read an article a while back now saying MLS will target young South Americans in order to boost the league 

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Thought city might try swoop in 

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Looks like we’re signing Dzeko and Emerson from Roma. 


Dzeko better than every other name were linked with so far but he’s 32 and only scored 2 in his last 12. 


Ain’t seen even anything of that Emerson but Alonso needed some competition for a while now

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42 minutes ago, Greens said:

Think mhki could do bits for Arsenal

No doubt but they are getting another when shit hits the fan type player, they have enough of those already.

Forget value of both I just think Arsenal are a worse team team today than they were yesterday.

Man Utd getting the mentally stronger player by far.

Was great business by Mourinho, get rid of a player he doesn't want, doesn't wanna play again, gets virtually what he paid for him in value and takes 150-200k a week off the wage bill aswell.

Sanchez' wages ain't even that expensive when you take the last point into consideration.

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