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Creed Diskenth

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Are you lot all XBox 360 users only?

My 11 year old cousin records some COD. I havent watched his footage yet, put he has a channel on youtube and is self taught. Got his mum/dad to by the recording ting, come xmas said he's gonna get HD recroding ting.

When he told me he records, reminded me of you guys. Ill try find out what his channel is, and you lot can give me some feedback. I aint expecting nothing spectactular but like i said he's only 11, going into yr 7 this sept so i think it's a good look.

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I have been working on that but my editing program has stopped working whenever I import a new video file.

So I can't complete 90% of my compilations until I work out how to fix that.

I've tried reinstalling it twice and even updating to the latest version but it still happens.


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Def Jam Rapstar gameplay vids up on the channel. Main vid below:


Check out ViP2GAMING or RoadSound for the rest of the footage

Check out the associated article here:


Shoutouts to the guys @ Urban Gamer

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You man need to start recording different games , just the same old stuff

No crysis 2 ?

No1 has Crysis

i might get it

there aint been any good games recently to record


there are a bag of new games coming out in the next few months so hopefully some new footage can be made.

i havn't recorded for ages

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