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INDUSTRY HATER / Exposure? @ P30

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# @graciouskisay is going shopping. I Don't think they sell 'personality' in #westfield mateabout 5 hours ago from mobile web ppl i wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole @wretch32 (looks like he has aids) @littledonatella (looks like she has herpes) @sholaamaif the #ukmusic scene was a council estate @c1northstar would be the midget pimphello?....you there?....wanna crack rock? @wretch32 hahahahahaif the #UKMUSIC scene was a council estate @tempz @officialdotstar @iamsnakeyman would be the 'African Refugee Family' at flat 419f the #UKMUSIC scene was a council estate @Skepta would be the nigerian with a BMW M3 & X6 parked outside his shitty flatRT @TribalMagz Going studio<<you should be going GYM fattiei want plastic surgery doctor. Can you give me extra lip like @gfrshgirls only kiss @gfrsh on his cheeks and avoid lipsing him #factyes @gfrsh whats the extra piece of skin hanging out your lip?RT @jmebbk ALEX FERGUSON HAS BEEN CHEWING GUM SINCE 100 CC<<U've been spitting sh*t since 2000 oh [email protected] you heard wat happened to @Nathan?RT @DoubleSmusician I wanna make a tune with JLS.<<but are you gonna get signed doe?RT @ItsDotRotten On the train...There's one sexy woman sitting next to me...what should I do?<<u need advice from followers on women? Lolthis year ur singin "jump in the middle and skank" next year it'll be "jump in the queue n sign on" @bigmanzestand @wretch32's tattoo's are same colour as his skin tone! You just look dirty [email protected] is not a rapper, just a guy who says words that rhymes in an American accent. His a UK aritst. Apparently.megaSAS ur name stands for swag and sh*t.sahvdshilavdilvhsasdffgdhdgxcfjhghjghjfcgfdgfsgdhjhgjkkhkhAHAHAHSBAHBSHBADBD"HES GOING INNNNNNNNNNN"

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white.png@tribalmagz you big black shrek where are you watching the boxing?bruv, you on a crackpipe ting? @wretch32if the #UKMUSIC scene was a council estate @wretch3 would be the guy lying on the piss-stained stairwell...saying "the lights..so ..bright!""hello... i would like to book @wretch32 for a PA at the #CrackDenPavilion"@fel345 don't u just wanna fold that extra skin back inside of @gfrsh's lips?RT @Wretch32 i need a diva lol<<you need a fix you heroin feenLOL
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