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jetsies or paxies


lergies immunity?  

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  1. 1. which one?

    • jetsies
    • paxies

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Done this at infants but it was simply someone had the lurgie and if you had cross-keys (fingers) you were immune.

Can remember 1 girl whos surname was Fish and she couldnt get rid of lurgie. People would part way in the corridor to let her past. n sh*t.

She had a best friend who was always with her so we used to call her Chips. Name stuck for years. Even the teachers knew her as that.

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Guest Esquilax

Never heard of either of them

Jinx and time out are the only things I vaguely remember

The bait kids playing IT or Stuck In The Mud, seconds before they'd get caught, shout "TIMEOUTTIMEOUTTIMEOUT" making the 'T' shape frantically with their arms

Take it like a man <_<

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