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Eskay Jones

Lets all do a good deed today.

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I got 2 hours or so left to stay in the top 5. all help needed and appreciated

thanks black ant, eskay, hank moody, zlast and whoever else has voted for me so far from here. As long as i stay in the top 5 till it closes then i have a chance.

And to be fair, no biased...im sure i deserve it more than at least 90% of the other entrants.

Vote by clicking "like" top right, click play *dont have to listen if u dont feel to* and comment or fav would help booost it even more.

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Yo peoples. i got 10 more hours left in this thing, please help me out by just voting still if you havent.

just need to be in the top 5 by tonight, i keep floating in and out.

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