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whos had experience with ballifs??

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Don't let them man in and don't leave any way for them to get in such as windows but your due to encounter a fee for them coming to your yard and its too late to do an attachment of earnings get the p and just pay them. For the council to gone to that enforcement already it's peak

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My cousin without looking through the peephole opened the door and saw who it was and tried to slam the door but Shadow must of kicked the handle and my cousin went flying and he got up and tried to swing for Shadow but he got rugby tackled and must of twisted his ankle in the process

The moral of this story

You don't want Shadow coming to your house


Comes like one of them Urban legends, Like all them Mad stories you hear about Marcus Nasty and guys from Holly street while growing up

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In terms of entering your house and taking goods, they cannot take anything that doesn't belong to you.

If you have receipts for your TV/Laptop etc that prove that they belong to someone else they cannot take a thing. I'm pretty sure even a piece of signed paper is enough as long as it contains all the correct sales/contact info.

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u no wot because i rang him and said "dont bother comin round im going to pay council".. he came round

and put a inventory notification of seizing my car....

ive moved it now, gonna pay council 400 this month and then from then il be near enough on track,,,not like the years up yet

some pisstake

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