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why cant i send negs?

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  • 3 years later...

It's not every single post, just when you're chatting shit tbh.

6 hours ago, Greens said:

Imagine your life is that sad

So you've never used to neg/pos before? Or are you saying that about a difference in pos/negs (15-20) being noticeable on a forum and then crying like some bitch about it is sad? I have never asked who's pos/negged me, I just say "fuck you if you neg" or along those lines.

So @Greens, would you get pissed off by the negs? Wouldn't that be sad, to beg (yes, he's begging, just read what is written) the admin to find out who's negging? Why would you care? I'd understand if someone from your work was blocking you from getting a pay rise/promotion or a girl is trying to get your link to stop seeing you or you're at the gym wanting to deadlift 200kg but your workout buddy is trying to convince you not to lift it because they're nowhere near lifting that and they are hating..... Maybe your "sad" is completely different to mine, but you should evaluate what you consider to be "sad"...

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I notice whenever u say something about Thizz he really takes it too heart lol. Like a little girl then after you will get him commenting something negative on one of your next few posts' or just looking at anyway possible to say something back to you because he is hurt and carrying feelings on an internet forum.


Why you crying because your getting negged you clown.  



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