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United States of Brutality

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Why is that interesting not like niggas is getting shot over WORDS    this guy was already cuffed and sitting down so why would he get shot or tazed  niggas get shot for no reason in th

well he would have shot a black guy from the first warning.... all police are cunts mostly,, american police are a different breed of c*nt.  you just have to imagine gambino as a cop.. then imagi

Published more? Stabbing? You are missing something lol


It was a story about an American Teacher expressing her opinions that she almost wants segregation like the 50s to return on some website I've never heard of, DailyKos?


As opposed to a story about a British Teacher that had been stabbed and was plastered across every news site in the UK.


I was making a point people seem far more interested in some non US story than what happens in their own country. But if a man said he didn't see it then he didn't see it.

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or perhaps because this is a topic about police brutality

and the woman in the US was responding to the police brutality in defence of the white cops

and the woman in the UK who was stabbed has nothing to do with the police brutality



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Still not grasping it........... No woman was stabbed either, which just goes to show, after all this time you still haven't seen the story about the male teacher being stabbed even though it's been all over the news lol. It's not that he posted the story in this topic, it was in general that VIP2 thinks a womans opinion in a different country warrants more discussion than a teacher in the UK being stabbed ON THE WHOLE. I hope that's cleared it up for you. If not, who cares. Moving on.

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Native American Activist Arrested for Traffic Fine, Dies in Jail 1 Day After Sandra Bland — Media Blackout

By Matt Agorist on July 27, 2015

Philadelphia, MS — On July 9th, Rexdale W. Henry, 53, was arrested for failure to pay a traffic fine. Five days later, on July 14, Henry would be found dead in a Neshoba County, Mississippi jail cell.

Henry died one day after Sandra Bland, who was also arrested for a minor traffic infraction, who also ended up dying in a jail cell.

Like Bland, Henry was an activist in his community. According to the Jackson Free Press, 

Henry, a member of the Choctaw tribe and a lifelong community activist, coached stickball and had been a candidate for the Choctaw Tribal Council from Bogue Chitto the week before his arrest on July 9 for failure to pay a fine.

Helping with the family’s independent probe are civil rights activists John Steele, a close friend of Henry’s, and Diane Nash, a cofounder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, as well as Syracuse University law professors Janis McDonald and Paula Johnson of the school’s Cold Case Justice Initiative.


After Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail, the country became outraged, and her face was on Television screens from coast to coast. However, Henry’s death was swept under the rug, with local media releasing only a three-sentence blurb, stating that the autopsy is being performed, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death.

According to the report, police last saw Henry alive at 9:30 am and just 30 minutes later he would be found dead in his cell. No cause of death has been released, and no other details surrounding his death have been given to the public.


The lack of coverage of Henry’s death is indicative of the epidemic of police killings of Native Americans. It is a lesser known truth that Native Americans are killed by cops at a rate higher than any other ethnic group.

According to the data, Native Americans make up less than 1 percent of the population, but they account for 2 percent of the deaths that occur at the hands of police.

Sadly, Henry is now part of that statistic. But thanks to anonymous donors, who’ve flown Henry’s body to Florida for an independent autopsy, there is a chance that justice could be served in Henry’s death.

Earlier this month we reported on the story of Paul Castaway, another Native American man who was killed by police.

On Monday, Al Jazeera released a report highlighting the epidemic of police killings of Native Americans in the US, using Castaway’s death as an example.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/native-american-activist-arrested-traffic-fine-dies-jail-1-day-sandra-bland-media-blackout/#jdMzr188B30vfYk8.99


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The tally of people shot and killed by on-duty police officers passed 700 on Wednesday night — a fatal milestone that is almost double the highest number of police shootings ever reported by the FBI for an entire year — according to a Washington Post database tracking all shootings death at the hands of police this year


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