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  1. dub

    Hot summer 2019

    cowardly sucker punch
  2. dub


    audio only of Trouble really enjoying this
  3. Giggs would have been sick on that. Shame Wiley's trolling has probably put him off such a thing
  4. glasto performance https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00068z8/glastonbury-stormzy
  5. I hope they gave him a round of applause
  6. dub

    Virgil Abloh

    appointed Benji B as Louis Vuitton's music director not too bad a soundtrack
  7. dub


    not the best effort by Skeps this gives a bit of radio set style nostalgia
  8. weird how they're celebrating it as a kind of triumph - if you're 700 votes away from a loss you should be worried
  9. yeah seemed weird as a statement maybe its more something like: we want to open up the UK to drugs that pass US regulations (but maybe not EU)
  10. what does the "NHS being up for grabs" actually mean though?
  11. dub

    Love Island

    I thought pharmacists were on £30k salaries? edit: average £45k in London apparently
  12. dub

    Jai Paul

    finally released new material also put the leaked tracks on Spotify
  13. title feels a bit disrespectful if I'm being honest
  14. Mozart shouldn't be replaced but they should definitely be more inclusive in what they cover. Stormzy can fuck off though until he does something original.
  15. dub


    new album
  16. But the Worcester Sauce Twiglets were dope
  17. I mean, yeah. I don't really know about Nigel before this decade. You got me there. I just know what he's been using to get support this decade . Also, who's having the last laugh? Is Brexit an endgame for you? It will just be done, or not, and then we'll still have a shit economy afterwards. You get a last laugh if Brexit happens and for the following generation the working class don't suffer more than the last. Then you were in the right all along.
  18. Yo I was wondering why San Pellegrino lemonade taste like shit every time I come over here. This reality completely missed me. Are there any studies on the effectiveness of the ban/tax?
  19. what vicious nasty agendas? of course Nigel ran on hate, he's always been using people's xenophobia as a way to drive himself forwards - its just in recent years he's realised that some people will support him if he lays that shit down and talks more about neglect, and how politicians in the EU are unelected, and how the only way to have the country's best interest at heart is to be independent - but people who don't agree with him will remember him for the hate
  20. dub

    Warm Showers

    that's mad still but now my mind is wondering all about how you have to match the shower temperature and pressure and shit and wondering how you could ever successfully pull it off
  21. Problem is Farage is a social conservative and has drummed up support using hate - so if you're supporting him that's what you're supporting, and that's what you'll be seen to be supporting if you're pro-Brexit. Really though, people who like Corbyn should acknowledge that he's pro-Brexit and take that as a consideration when they're dismissing others who are pro-Brexit so easily. Disclaimer: I'm pro-EU and think all this Brexit business is a huge unnecessary resource drain
  22. original Niknaks were disgusting I remember there being someone in one of my classes who smelt like them all the time
  23. David Cameron, during the 2015 general election, in which he wrote: "Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice - stability and strong Government with me, or chaos with Ed Miliband".
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