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Hmm ,1850? That looks like a weight loss calorie intake , not maintenance. Even then its mad low.

for example I'm on a cut now of 2300 per day.  My maintenance ( Calories to maintain my current weight ) is roughly around 2800.

I would double check to see if they really think that's your maintenance. That's madness , especially if your BF was around the 20% upwards. Long story short , once you find it out take off a few 100 for a few weeks and you'll be nice. 


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On 18 June 2016 at 0:43 PM, Mame Biram Diouf said:

Anybody else get shin splints when running? 


Fucking with my training 

yea but I was running in air maxs like a plum, got into some free run 2s and it solved my problem. 

started skipping again tho and it's a problem again

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On 29/06/2016 at 0:37 PM, Meticulous said:

so i went to some place and got my body fat tested today

29.7 fucking percent. im 6'2 and 97.6kg.

im aiming for 20% in 2 months. gonna buy a push bike and cycle the shit out of it


Cut down on everything B, three meals a day. Keep training and it'll be gone in no time. Cutting is much easier for me cos my appetite is shit anyway. When I'm bulking I have to get my calories in all types of shangooli ways

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8 hours ago, Lens said:

that's the stage where You've outgrown Your gym bro. time to cancel and look elsewhere

I hear that.

Convenience + 24hrs was the ice breaker though.

Need to find something local that offers both. I might have to go back to my old gym in Rainham 

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On 8/16/2016 at 7:09 PM, Heero Yuy said:

The current generation of gym guys are complete morons.

It's mad. The screaming, gurning and slamming of the weights. Lose vests with slogans on the front. Drinking water out of shakers, fat bastards benching every day.

There's a guy in my gym who looks at equipment like he's examining it. Gives a really melodramatic screw face after looking at it like it's not good enough for him to use. He's been going for a few months, is 40 and there are loads of other gyms around. It's fucking hilarious.

Gym users have become a parody of themselves.

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4 hours ago, macz said:

what shakes are you man using, I've come off mine about 4-6 mths, was using the maxinutrition progain extreme mass & size, might jump back on them or try something different, but all different ones I've tried are not that nice




Using this at the moment 

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