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Ronaldo Retires - R9 Appreciation Thread


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R9 @ Old Trafford :( :( :(

trust me, I doubt anyone had that reaction after the match,

One of the last times i truely felt honoured to be apart of United supporters and full off respect for the crowd at OT

will never forget the way how everyone (i.e the fans) were writing him off before the game, and thought we'd have a chance as Raul was out.

wasn't even a great individual performance in my memory, but he was simply "UNPLAYABLE" that night.

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As individual performances go, Ronaldhino at the Bernabeu, R9 at Old Trafford must also get special mentions.

I really wish Ronaldhino never fell off so early, was a joy to switch on and watch him play football.

Twas beautiful, he'd put on a few pounds so pundits were downplaying the level of expectation.

Man turned up like he'd come straight from the chippy down the road and done the dance.

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Guest Portuguese

That's the night Chelsea got rich.

He played the lone role with Figo/Guti/Zidane supporting.

Guti's pass for the first goal was beautiful.

Ronaldo ran Manchester United ragged at the Bernabeau without scoring then at OT he gave a masterclass but Manchester United played their part that night what a game.

Another Real/United game is way over due.

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Of OUR generation:

R9>>>ZIdane>>>Rest is debatable. Figo, Raul, Maldini, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho? Some real GREATS.

Vieiri? F*ck off mentioning him above Batistuta. DPMO. I'll meet a man at Footlocker for them talk.






Signori (2 step pens)


Del Pieiro

Them calibre of players mentioned? This is why I get VEX when I hear certain man NOW referred to as 'World Class', but that's another argument for another topic.

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nah it's real talk. Tuesday and Wednesdays of champ's league action are the best days of football. Gotta hope You pick that right game, if You do, You're nice

not missing Milan - Tottenham for no one

Lyon knocked out Real madrid last year, so Madrid got a score to settle

Arsenal vs Barca again

Inter vs Bayern Munich, minus Mourinho


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Guest Portuguese

If you watched R9 play from 95-98(Copa America 99) you would of not even try and compare him to the likes of Zidane,Messi,Dinho etc etc.

The Ronaldo you saw from 2002-Now has two damaged knees therefore you saw 30% of his true quailty that's why I understand why some people think the likes of Zidane are better.

I can honestly say without the three career ending injuries he would of been the greatest of all time no ifs no buts.

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Guest Portuguese

I feel emosh right about now.

In February 2011, after Corinthians was eliminated in the 2011 Copa Libertadores and threats from Corinthians' supporters, Ronaldo announced that he was retiring from football.

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Guest Portuguese

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo will announce his retirement from soccer, he told a Brazilian newspaper today.

The 34-year-old three-times world player of the year has a contract with Corinthians until the end of 2011 but is bringing his retirement forward after the team's shock early elimination from the Libertadores Cup and violent protests from fans.

Ronaldo told the Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper's website (www.estadao.com.br) his regular injury problems were one of his main reasons for quitting now.

"I can't take it any more," Ronaldo said. "I wanted to carry on, but I can't. I plan a move (in a game) but I cannot execute as I wish. The time is up. But it was nice, dammit."

Ronaldo, who will make his announcement in a news conference at the Corinthians training ground Monday, is ending a brilliant career in which he scored more than 400 goals including a record 15 at World Cups.

The striker, an unused squad member when Brazil won the World Cup in 1994 and their top scorer when they won their record fifth title in 2002, is expected to remain at the club in an administrative role.

Ronaldo, who left Brazil's Cruzeiro for PSV Eindhoven at the age of 18 and played for both Milan clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, helped Corinthians win the Copa Brasil and Paulista (Sao Paulo) state championship last year.

But Corinthians disappointed in the two big competitions of 2010, their centenary year, failing to get past the round of 16 of the Libertadores cup or win the Brazilian championship.

Ronaldo missed many matches through injury and fans began to show their irritation.

This came to a head after Corinthians lost 2-0 away to Deportes Tolima of Colombia 10 days ago in the second leg of their Libertadores Cup preliminary round tie having drawn 0-0 at home. They were eliminated from the competition.

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