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Gary Speed Found Dead


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Man could of been depressed also

Let's let the dust settle then we will know

Just hope it's not a chris Benoit esque shit

theres people who suffer from depression on the bread line with kids to look after that are disabled... parents to look after that suffer from dementia/Alzheimers #

some are single mothers

i feel strongly about this subject tbh

The connection between depression and suicide is very high, its not very high cos people are JUST selfish. FFS.

There is always somebody worse of than the next person, thats life. In society for the most part we all care about OUR lives and OUR quality of living.

If I started a topic about giving to charity, half of you lot saying Speed is selfish, would be saying fuck a charity, charity starts at home etc...

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Fuck off

About his wife might of been a pain in the arse even if she was what about their children ?

The way people go overboard about the dead

I doubt when he was alive u was thinking he was one of the best.

It is what it is

His children coulda been spoilt selfish brats, I don't know their ages but you just never know a mans situation is the point.

You are within your rights to think I'm going overboard but I'm 1 of the few on this forum who remembers Leeds winning the title, I remember Leeds winning division 2 for gods sake, Speed was an incredibly underrated footballer.

1st Premiership player to get to 500 games

3rd on Prem all time appearances

2nd only to Giggs in the amount of Prem seasons he scored in

The stats don't lie.

He had great technique, an engine, great left foot and heart.

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What a dumb comparison

Not giving to charity and leaving loved ones behind

It wasnt a comparsion in actions.


One of my boy's brother hanged himself.

At the time I was younger, and acted the same way a lot of you are now...

To the point me and my boy had to have a real talk convo about it

He told me that his brother had MAD depression, he tried to tell his family ages before, but his mum didnt really understand it, his chick was a bit waste and didnt help the situation. Basically he was seen as the rock, the strong one in his family, the women and most people around him need HIS support more, than giving him there's... People went to him with their problems, not to hear his...

So I guess he didnt really feel like he had anywhere to turn. He didnt know about no clinic or going to talk to his doctor, he was a goon at school, and pretty much held his brother down on the road, so I'm guessing all these weak emotions and thoughts he was having didnt sit with him.

People say its selfish but when someone is calling for your help and trying to tell you, and your family is not understanding and dimissing your fears and just saying "hang (no pun intended) in there" etc.. shit must have been hard.

Anyway man started self inflicting pain on himself, isolated himself, smoking crack on the low - and basically any drug to escape, its easier for some niggas to get a high escape, than go to a clinic or speak to a doctor...

Which then turned into him hating the fact he was taking crack and basically becoming a crackhead, and while he had a family, a kid, and people that needed him, he knew he couldn't support them no more cos he couldnt support himself. So he hanged himself.

The inital depression may have started ages ago from schhol even, I dunno, maybe thats why he was such a goon cos he had than THAT anger within himself, but ultimately in a very short space of time he took his own life.

When you see your darg breakdown and cry about shit like that, your attitude changes somewhat regarding suicide.

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had never even heard of this guy until my facebook went nuts a few hours ago

i know at least 6 other people that have attempted, i was 7 and 17

you cant really attach logic and reason to it

i guess you could say youre lucky if you see it as selfish because at least you'll never be in that position, or hope youd never be

its no fun

thats my whole opinion on the matter i dont really get into discussions about it

RIP to the guy

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Also I know a rich Essex chick who's half-brother has a some kind of mental illness, and lives in a private hospital.

He literally has tried to commit suicide every month since August, but where he is so supervised they have been able to stop it.

He has doctors and everybody to help him, but he still can't (or doesn't wanna) fight it.

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Gary Speed - 1969-2011

The directors, players and staff at Arsenal Football Club are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Gary Speed.

Arsenal Football Club would like to send our condolences to Gary Speed's family and friends at this sad and difficult time. Our thoughts are with you.

Arsenal midfielder and Wales captain Aaron Ramsey added his tribute to his national manager via Twitter.

He said: "I was given the tragic news this morning. To say I am devastated is an understatement. My thoughts and prayers go out to Gary's family and friends. Today the world has lost a great football manager but even more sadly, a great man. He will be missed by all."

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Can't believe this.

Dan walker has done a blog post on the BBC site talking about the conversations they had whilst they were doing FF. He was talking about hopefully taking Wales to the 2014 World Cup and what not, the next day he takes his life.

I feel to ask my people's how they're feeling cos this does not look like a man who's on the verge of committing suicide.

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Press blackmailing him

anyone recon he may ave been murdered

its jus too dodgy to be a straight depression suicide...

when you are depressed or medicated you dont act like gary speed in those clips off ff

no prior attempts ? no hx of mental health problems >?

wish notw were still about they would ave got to the bottom of it alread

Was probably the media blackmailing him

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He may not have been depressed, it could have been completely implusive and he just spiralled out of control and took his life

Or he could have been planning it and that's why he seemed so normal because he had made his decision and wanted to just die happy

Alledgely a newspaper was going to out him for being gay but that could just be Twitter rumours. We'll won't know unless they do an inquiry (which I think is typical with suicides).

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Alledgely a newspaper was going to out him for being gay but that could just be Twitter rumours.

Really hope that isn't the case, otherwise this should be the last straw in getting people to boycott the tabloids.

I was thinking his wife coulda cheated on him but the gay scenario is plausible even though it shouldn't be in 2011.

Too many homophobes in this day and age could force a public person into that type of despair.

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To be what said actually hits a cord. As in it almost seems to suspicious to be suicide.

I mean I could of believed it if man would of ducked out the football focus show last night. Or he appeared on it being mad off key.

could you really be living out your day so calmly and methodically knowing your gonna end your life later on.

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