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Gary Speed Found Dead


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Man could of been depressed also

Let's let the dust settle then we will know

Just hope it's not a chris Benoit esque shit

theres people who suffer from depression on the bread line with kids to look after that are disabled... parents to look after that suffer from dementia/Alzheimers #

some are single mothers

i feel strongly about this subject tbh

I hear that but yes the man had money he can still depressed certain people r not that mentally strong. Yes I c/s others have it worse but we don't know what was going through his head. Man could of had a mask on putting on this public image but deep down he was depressed could not cope with life. Some turn to drugs and drink some put their focus on next things. But lets let the dust settle til we get facts.

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initially thought faccccccckkk

but suicide

hard to feel sorry for millionaires taking the p*ssy way out

must of been a fagot no other explanation

only way he gets a apss is if hes a kiddie fidler

nothin wrong with being gay .. he could have rode it out

cant stand these white folk with money and affluence cowardin their way out of life

line in teh sand

u coons can post ur tweets up on twitter givin condolences but they aint comittin suicide in tahrir square they are fightin for life.. same goes in mogadishu...depression doesnt exist there

Who are you calling a coon? You dirty wack pack.


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If someone had some mad shit on him where his career would be over and his wife and family will never look at him again he might of thought it would be best to avoid all of it and be remembered as a good guy. I still don't condone this 'cause the truth always comes out in the end no matter how late. Guess we will never know why he did it. It is selfish in a way 'cause his wife and kids will never know why when things were looking so good for the guy career wise and will now have to survive without him. If the reason was so bad, his family would have still struggled but would know that he was still alive..

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Guest petercrotch

  • Suicide is a very selfish act but depression is not an easy illness to overcome , one thing i will say about people who suffer from it , it is often the case that they do it to themselves and never help themselves . They tend to think too much about things . If you can't change something there is no point in getting upset about it because bar your family, your health and happiness are the most important things in life

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Selfish but still R.I.P

Prick comment until you know why tbh.



Truss me, if man was depressed there is no logical explanation to why he did it.

If you are ill you don't act rationally.

A lot of people in here flying of the handle.

He was doing WELL with Wales, probably the best state I seen Welsh football in in my life so it's baffling.

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Guest Portuguese

Fuck off

About his wife might of been a pain in the arse even if she was what about their children ?

The way people go overboard about the dead

I doubt when he was alive u was thinking he was one of the best.

It is what it is

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