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David Luiz

Mame Biram Diouf

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Kompany can defend and is far better

Indeed it's not even a debate

Porchy you are just being biased

If you cannot see the problems with Luiz then you don't know about the art of defending, the shit a defender has between his ears, the stuff he does off the ball, what he sees, moves that are snuffed out just by tracking a players movement and no longer making passing to them a viable option


Decision making

Positional sense



Are all key

Luiz is poor with all of them


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Why? He's still shite


trolls dont deserve new posts so here have this.....



Yh but if.....


I think what people don't understand that football is a team game and you defend from the front and attack from the back therefore your centerback should be able to do more then heroic last minute blocks, lunging tackles and throwing there head at everything in the air...

There are defenders who will never make a mistake in there career that are utter trash but loved because they are dependable, I personally can't stand that

Also there are defenders who make huge mistakes like kompany but they don't get picked out because they are not glaringly obvious to the average fan/watcher

Take demichelies for example last season he more or less carried city at the back after they went out at the cl but according to pundits here he is a clown because he goes wandering

What they fail to realise that he is doing his job in the side in winning the ball high up the pitch and trying to get the ball before attacks can develop for the other side and keep the pressure and momentumn going for his side...

Obviously if you grew up on 2 banks of four and a flat back four with the centre backs feeling the centre forward then this is lost on you, just look at Chelsea under mourinho how sound they were at the back without Luiz in there but 4 defenders and 2 in the pivot protecting only allowing 1 full back to go forward at a time

They won fuck all and failed to break down any small side

Compare that to when he played centre back and they won the champions league then Europa league

Luiz is a top centerback for top clubs who play progressive football who look to win games via attack, ironically he would be ideal for your club and manager

Maybe he doesn't fit in under someone who wants two sides to his team attack/defence rather then someone a lot more flexible, but saying that he's doing alright under filipao

(Edit yh you lot know what I'm saying lol took me ages to types cos of predictive text/auto correct)




think i nailed that

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He is about to add a Ligue 1 title to his Portuguese title

Please bite please


Two titles in two shit leagues? Great!



A Europe League over the Prem? :lmao:

You've lost it

Same Europa League

Kompany was found out in now against Sporting Lisbon of Portugal





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them same shit leagues that have teams still left in the cl?

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He bit yes

Porto are better than every team in England apart from Chelsea

I make that three European titles in 15 years

Arsenal have zero European titles under Wenger so you cannot call Arsenal a top European team unlike Porto

Top teams win trophies not qualification.

PSG are better than any English team

So what does that say about PL when teams from two shit leagues have the better teams?

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You think an average French team(AS Monaco)can go to



Nou Camp


And win 3-1 comfortably

You think PSG could go to them places and play with ten men for 90 minutes and out ball them?

PL is such a dusty league

Kompany is yet to turn up against the big teams in Europe forever getting found out

Luiz has turned up against Bayern and had shoobz in their own yard and was sitting on their cross bar lifting the CL trophy

Give me one CL title plus a Europa over a league title full of dust

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