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Harry Kane - Here To Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

Mame Biram Diouf

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If we were to ask who is the one player who will make a difference at Tottenham this season, no one would have had the answer, especially with players still not being able to gel together after the crazy amount of money spent a couple of seasons ago. A few might have suggested Erik Lamela or Christian Eriksen but no one in their right mind would have said Harry Kane would be the one player making the difference for the team.



Granted quite a few Tottenham supporters were asking for Kane to join the first team and be given chances last season but it is always a risk to bring a youngster into a team that has more established and star players.
The young and the bold
Kane is just 21 years old and has been a sort of journey man for Tottenham, although he has been on the books at the London club since the start of his football career, Kane has been sent on various loan deals to clubs like Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City and Leicester City. The loan deals seem to have helped him grow into a more rounded player.
Kane never seemed to be a prolific scorer during his time at the loaned clubs; in fact he never reached double figures for any of his clubs. His best return was 9 goals in 27 games for Millwall, that is a return of 1 goal every 3 games. That is not a great return for any striker, every striker looks to keep a goal ratio of one goal every two games but this was still in his learning phase and it seems he picked up a lot.
He scored 4 goals in 19 appearances for Spurs last season and this season he has been on fire for the Spurs. His goal, a deflected one against Aston Villa to give the team a 2-1 win in the 90th minute cemented his place in the team. Kane had already scored a hat trick in the Europa League and this last minute winner was a nail in the coffin for strikers Soldado and Adebayor.
The English striker then turned it up against Chelsea when he was on fire for the club as he scored a couple of goals and made life really difficult for the Chelsea defence. It seemed that Chelsea were blown away by a Harry-Kane, sorry about that, had to put it in.
Kane can do it all, he can head the ball, dribble well, score from outside the box, has lots of energy and is willing to close down the defence, a throwback to the old strikers of the yesteryears who weren’t afraid to play with a bit of physicality and love for the game.



I can't recall many players who have taken both his own fans and other teams fans by so much surprise before. 


I have heard some people say can he keep it up or will he suffer from second season syndrome and go the way of Andy Johnson and the rest of them, but unlike them he seems to actually have a football brain and off the ball ability


If he can continue on this upward trajectory then the boy is going to be worth a lot of money


His image is all set up to replace Rooney as the FA PR boy too


Anybody have any detailed articles or reports about his development




What do you think his current value is at the moment?

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The media only loved Spurs when 'Arry was in charge

Look how they did AVB

Anyway the media is dominated by Liverpool fans and ex players



Quality player

He seems like the type of 'best of British/EPL hype signing'(Shearer, 3HUNNA, Rio, Young etc.) Fergie used to go for. Could imagine him bidding £50m for Kane and £35m for Townsend, when he was the latest hype and both bids would've been laughed at by Levy.

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media is pool/west ham

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Media loves spurs/chelsea

if you mean Mourinho then fair enough ignore the rest, but that's the first time I've seen anyone claim Chelsea are liked in the media


I can't talk for the papers cause I've largely stopped paying attention to that, but how many pro-Chelsea pundits can you list?


Pat Nevin


Ray Wilkins


Feel free to add more cause that same list for pool reads more like a census



Come on Lahi. Every media outlet was behind Liverpool last season hoping Gerrard could finally get his prem medal.

this did not happen

U were just extra bitter and was sensitive to any ratings for liverpool as you was languishing in dust


The kane suction is already more than anything sterling has achieved yet




That would've been fair last season in comparison to Januzai. Sterling deserves more credit/recognition but he was overshadowed by two guys who haven't been there to do the same this season. When Sterling is a driving force behind Mourinho's worst loss as Chelsea manager and single handedly wins you the merseyside derby in the dying minutes - all in the space of around 30 days - then you can compare. 

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Too early to say for me, remember when Andy Carroll was in similar form at Newcastle?

Your new to football

What an awful statement to make

I was born into football don't bring that hipster i was on it before you chat because you watch 2nd tier Latvian Ladies football.

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You don't have clue

Really don't

One scored 11 goals and had no first touch,football brain,vision and is more suited to basketball.

While the other has scored 20+ goals

Has a first touch


Football brain

A big game player

He is already having a better season than any active CF(bar Rooney) has ever had


Carlton Cole





He just needs to keep going until the end of season in the league and Europa than next season go to a next level than he will go clear

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Lahi talks so much fraff man. we really need to crowd fund some rehab program for him, poor lad


He didnt even play as a striker for milwall, played in midfield and basically saved them from relegation with his goals. Also played in midfield in some of his earlier loans at Orient, probably did his positional discipline and movement wonders as it deff shows in his game now.


Already said he wants to be a one club man. If we did end up selling its will because he drops off or a real madrid comes in with a stupid offer. Long way to go tho...

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