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  1. 1. With regards to Britains vote on leaving the EU. Will you vote to stay IN or get OUT.

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14 hours ago, underwriter said:

why do people hate jeremy corbyn so much -


he would have made a wicked PM - he was on the frontline promoting labour in his hay days - so he is clearly a man of his word - wanting equality and fairness

Because the papers and right leaning media tell them to and also the country, as with most of Europe, are right leaning and think they're the biggest victims on this planet....

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yea Corbyn realised he wasn't going to move our country anywhere unless he began to play ball with the more centre-left who want to keep the stability of being in the EU, he went against what his old (albeit unspoken since gaining leadership) stance of being anti-EU was - which is good for Labour and the left, but feels disingenuous to some extent

we need proportional representation voting already, if there was then there would have been an opportunity for Corbyn to break off and have a more left-wing party and Labour could gain their centrist following again and then a coalition could be formed where intents could be more honest - I think the right-wings could benefit from it too - there's way too much fence-sitting with these politicians where no one wants to be honest because they might upset some part of their parties supporters

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The deal is so bad it’s turning Farage into a remainer 

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Nah they never will 

he is a cult leader 

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