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FIFA 17 (Official Thread)


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PES is decent and the AI is much better than FIFA's

Just the presentation of the game is still stuck not even old gen, PS2 times. Always stuck in the past. 

FIFA has fixed their passing( to an extent) so it's already an improvement.  Got to wait till full game comes out though



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Played both demos and I prefer PES so far. I get FIFA for free though so will obviously be playing that.

What game modes does PES have though?

The thing I like about FIFA is the variety of game modes. Can play 1v1, 2v2, pro clubs, ultimate team, career, story mode. Mixes it up a bit.

Swear PES only has 1v1 and master league.

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Been enjoying this over the weekend defo essential purchase

trying to find a cd key for under £30


only have this thus far £32

can  someone @ me in this topic if they find it any cheaper (I really don't like paying more than £20 for a game) (PC Version)



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