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  1. Yes inner city London. The only immigrant i saw in there was the doctor and the cleaner.
  2. I went in to the GP last week at around 3p, asked if they had any appointments for next week for a back injury, they gave me a choice of like 5 appointments the next day, went in the next day and given a decent consultation, was satisfied with my latest gp/nhs experience.
  3. More likely to fight against my government than for it the way things are now. If nuclear war kicked off id happily move to the sahara, my mrs, a tent, couple camels and a goat, ignorant to anything else going on in the world.
  4. Not even a proper slice of cheese
  5. Shoot him for what? From what i read he never pulled anything out the bag and never attacked anyone
  6. Why they still bringing this trashy tart on tv for? This is why my tv usually only gets switched on for playstation or match of the day.
  7. Im sure it has always been there, we just see it in our face now, on our phones and our laptops. If any members of your family grew up in a colony or war zone its likely theyve witnessed worse in real life, i know my father has.
  8. lol cockney sex is jokes
  9. Alex jones just reminds me of homeland now
  10. Trying so so hard to be one of those social media couples. So poor.
  11. I doubt many of these african americans are actually ethnically nubian in origin though, same way these afrocentrics often claim moors. I find it ridiculous but i dont really blame them tbh, nubians and moors have been somewhat romanticised in history yet nothing is really said about other great african civilisations which are more likely in the regions african americans originate from.
  12. @incumbent do you believe got created the earth?
  13. I live in docklands, probably the best place ive ever lived. It does lack some character where theres no history, but its clean and calm, on a sunny day its lovely.
  14. walthamstow is a fucking shithole, bakers arms area is the pits
  15. What makes me laugh is these people who argue tooth and nail that earth is flat will also be the same ones to ridicule those who believe in god as the creator.
  16. Disappoints me to see a boy from the colonies playing for that god forsaken country. I can only dream of having him at arsenal (and playing for algeria)
  17. Yep, an allied air strike caused 30+ civilian deaths on the same day in syria, doubt white folks have donated a penny to the victims or their families. / The attacker was apparently a black man who reverted in prison. Sorry gang we're in this one together lol
  18. The spain ones up to madrid were ETA, majority of that blue up to 2000 in uk was IRA.
  19. time_bomb

    Best cinema?

    This is my regular cinema, good location its near to where i live and surroundings are nice, never busy always have a bit of space between myself and others.
  20. But we've already said in this thread that he's still in prison?
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