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Rozay vs Jeezy beef @ BET (shots fired)

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Guest chap44uns

Yeah I see him posting on facebook talking to chicks probably exchanging sex text and then bashing in his cell when he thinks his cell mate is asleep. #RealG


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How can an man be called Gunplay, and when it gets sticky he's thumping (not even punching) dons. Thumplay.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6OnVuuz-xo lol gucci saying someone got mushed in the face basically / gucci>>>>>jeezy>>>>>>rozay

50 got music coming out??


50 ain't making no real music anymore, he's just enjoying the fact that he is rich enough to manipulate hip-hop.

He can send for whoever he wants, he knows it gives them promotion and it creates a healthy 'space' (as he likes to say :lol:) for competition. He's got the money to send a goon in if it gets on top, it's nothing to him. French has a short memory.


Not surprised he's going at French, he's been sending shots at Diddy for the longest. Diddy's backative is slowly disappearing, Zip is dead, Wolf is dead, Meech is locked, Jimmy is going down. I think French needs to remember how he came up.

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